What is Engine Rectification?

  The whole of the parts that give the vehicles mobility is called the engine. Especially in internal combustion engines, quite a lot of parts work together and provide energy to the vehicle. The word rectified is a word derived from French and means correction. The parts in the engine wear out as a result of use and they begin to prevent the system from working. In particular, moving structures such as cylinders, engine blocks, valves, connecting rods, camshafts, timing belts wear out very quickly and become unusable. Their change work is called rectification. When is it done? There should be a mixture of air and fuel inside the cylinder and engine block, and coolant and lubricating oil should circulate on the cylinder. The gasket on the cylinder separates this oil from the engine block. As a result of long use, the gaskets wear out, the oil starts to mix with the combustion chamber and the engine performance decreases. Especially in cases where oil consumption increases, wh